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Welcome to Elham R. Freund's website

LAnd Atmosphere 


About Elham R. Freund

Welcome to my website! I am a Research Group Leader studying  the interaction between the hydrosphere, biosphere, and climate. The primary goal of my research is to better understand the hydro-biogeochemical cycle in soil-vegetation-atmosphere continuum and its evolution in a changing climate through terrestrial ecosystems’ water and energy exchanges. I strive to advance our understanding of the characteristics and functioning of the hydrosphere in planet Earth and the complex interactions between its atmosphere and geosphere, including their alteration by, and impact on, human activity through climate change and land use change. I use quantitative field measurements, laboratory experiments, remote sensing data, physics-based theory, mathematical tools, mechanistic modelling, and synthesis of large global datasets to understand Earth system processes. My work spans several scales, from field and ecosystem level to continental and global scales. 


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